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Design Questions

Please take the time to consider what you would like to see in your landscape plan. 

  • What are your primary goals? (Privacy, Outdoor living spaces, Welcoming entry, Wildlife habitat)

  • Is creating a low maintenance landscape one of your goals?

  • Do you like a certain style? (Minimal, Asian, Formal, Contemporary, Symmetrical, Naturalsitic)

  • Are there any specific plants that you specifically want to use (or not use)?

  • Do you tend to like mostly evergreen plants or can the plantings be mixed with deciduous plants and perennials that lose their leaves in the winter?

  • Do you have a preference for certain flower colors? Do you like foliage color (variegated or fall)? Do you prefer plants that don't flower?

  • Do you like plants with tight, contained shapes or looser, more natural shapes? Or a mix of both?

  • What time of year do you most want to be outdoors in your landscape (spring, summer, fall, winter)? Are there certain times of day when you'll be outside?

  • Who will be enjoying your new space? Children, pets, special needs?

  • When you're sitting outside, do you enjoy being in the open or do you prefer an enclosed space?

  • Is there a deer browsing problem in your area?

  • Would you like to include a pool or other major features (fence, deck, patio) in your plan?

  • Please send me your answers when contacting me for a design.

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