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* ....Doug has established himself as one of the top landscape designers in the country....Greg Lilly, Lifestyle Editor- Next Door Neighbor Magazine

* I ran a large operation in Japan for over 20 years & loved the gardens there. Doug has done a magnficent job recreating that feel for me here in the United States.....Albert T.

* Doug is definitely one of the top designers in the U.S......Marcus V, industry consultant

* Doug is highly creative, aims to please... we have used him for our last two homes & would do it again!......Chris H

* We moved here from California to retire in our dream home. I wanted everything to be perfect inside & out. Doug listened to me & created something I could not even imagine! I cried I was so happy!....Barbara P

* I saved my entire working life to live in a dream home with magnificent gardens. We hired Doug & boy did he deliver!....David W

* Sigh. Doug,,,you seriously are talented. every single rendition you draw is spot on.....Beth H Pro on Houzz

* I showed my wife a couple of the concepts that  Doug put together and her mouth dropped. We both never saw this house with that kind of eye for design. Truly impressed!....j sevavold

* What  Doug did with the design is gorgeous! Very creative and made a world of difference....aibdesigns on Houzz

* Doug, I just looked at your portfolio. You are one talented gentleman.  ...Judy G Designs on Houzz

* This design is brilliant  Doug!.....RG on Houzz

* Doug, I literally screamed when I saw this (design). I LOVE IT. I showed my husband and he said... "" Gorgeous...PM on Houzz

*Doug, this design  is gorgeous! I almost didn't recognize that was our house! Those are wonderful ideas I will definitely take to heart. I love how you kept the sight lines to the doorway and incorporated the stone into the stairway. Now THAT is an entrance for this little house. Thank you!!….Kristen on Houzz


* Doug, you’re amazing! Love your ideas!! ….AB on Houzz

* Doug WOOOOW! That design is like you pulled a picture from my mind, except I had no way of articulating it. Thank you for that inspiration. Can you come to Cincinnati and wave your magic wand to make that happen?...Scott on Houzz

* Doug you have truly truly captured my vision for our home!! .....Charlene on Dig Doug's

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